Lumoava jewelry is handcrafted in Kuopio, Finland, in the northernmost jewelry factory in the world, where recycled precious metal takes on a new form and life. Each piece of jewelry is designed with care, respecting nature at every stage of the production. The jewelry is mostly made from recycled precious metals; 99% recycled gold and 93% recycled silver. All waste material generated during the process is recovered for reuse, so that even the fine precious metal dust is not wasted. The diamonds used in the jewelry come from a Finnish diamond broker, to guarantee a responsible supply chain.

Lumoava wants to be close and present in our everyday lives – as part of the big and small moments, memories and emotions.
Lumoava jewelry touches, decorates and enchants your skin, in your heart and with you.

Lumoava offers a wide selection of silver and gold jewelry for women, men and children, a versatile collection of engagement and wedding rings, and high-quality home products.