Endurance Pro IRONMAN® 70.3 World Championship

Breitling’s IRONMAN® 70.3 World Championship edition ultra-lightweight Endurance Pro watch. On your toughest stretches and your steepest climbs, what drives you to push to the finish? You have the mental ammunition to keep you going. Let your Endurance Pro IRONMAN® edition be another tool in your arsenal. The Endurance Pro was designed for elite triathletes, but works just as well as a stylish sports chronograph for everyday wear. It’s made of Breitlight®, a robust material 3.3 times lighter than titanium and 5.8 times lighter than stainless steel. It’s also thermally stable (with a touch that’s warmer than metal), while being scratch-resistant, non-magnetic and hypo-allergenic. With its rubber strap and 100m water resistance, the Endurance Pro IRONMAN performs just as well in water as it does on land. And each one is powered by Breitling’s Caliber 82, a COSC-certified SuperQuartz™ movement that provides exceptional accuracy. Combine that with its easy readability, chronograph function and solar compass, and you have a powerful motivator for crossing the finish line. Limited to just 250 pieces, this unique collectable edition features the distinctive IRONMAN® 70.3 World Championship design and color scheme. Make this performance watch a reward for your achievement or let it be your incentive to conquer the challenge ahead. Either way, it’s a keepsake that will serve as a constant reminder of all that you put in to become an IRONMAN.

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