Founded in 1878, Lindroos is a 140-year-old traditional jeweller’s company specialized in high-end Swiss watches. The long traditions of the family business are seen in the uncompromising quality in both service and in the product selection. We always offer our customers the most respected brands, timeless classics and the latest models. Over 20 Swiss watch brands, an elegant jewellery selection and exceptional expertise combined with the country’s largest private owned after sales watch service makes Lindroos the industry leader in Finland.

We offer a Lindroos Warranty for all the watches purchased from us. You can also find us from three different locations at Helsinki Airport or make purchases from our webshop.

Lindroos is an authorized retailer for all the brands represented in our stores and website.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier: The New Dimension of Round

The watch industry has been known for its iconic watches. Icons give inspiration; they develop and change styles while enthusiasts will create conversation starters from them.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier is one of the Swiss watch industry’s most creative collections.

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