Kalevala Jewelry

The story of Kalevala Jewelry began over 80 years ago when Elsa Heporauta, a strong-willed Finnish writer, decided to fulfill her dream to have a statue made in honor of Finnish women. Jewelry based on Iron Age ornaments was sold to raise funds for the statue. Kalevala Jewelry was born, a tribute to the courage and entrepreneurship of Finnish women much greater than any statue.

In the heart of today’s Kalevala Jewelry collection are still the original historical items, but also contemporary jewelry created by top Finnish jewelry designers. Kalevala Jewelry’s mission is to empower and encourage everyone to boldly be themselves, beautiful in their own unique way. All Kalevala Jewelry pieces are responsibly and sustainably made in the company’s own factory located in Helsinki, mainly of recycled gold, silver and bronze. Although a lot of sophisticated top-end technology is used, the production still lies heavily on the finest traditions of Finnish craftsmanship.