Made In Heaven

Founded in 2007, De Motu, a Finnish manufacturer specializing in pilot watches, emerged from a passion for aviation, functionality and design. De Motu crafts timepieces renowned for their reliability and distinctiveness, appealing to both aviators and civilian watch enthusiasts alike.

At the 2012 Basel World event, De Motu presented something unique, the world’s first G-force measuring wristwatch for pilots. De Motu’s journey as a manufacturer of individual pilot and instrument watches began with the introduction of the DM-G prototype.

De Motu wristwatches are handcrafted in the aircraft hangar of the historically significant Helsinki-Malmi Airport. Valdemar Hirvelä, who served in the air force’s test squadron in the 1980s, maintaining fighter planes and their avionics, is responsible for the product design and technology of the watches.

In the design of pilot watches, the views of civilian and military pilots and practical experience accumulated from projects for squadrons and special forces have been used extensively. Each De Motu instrument watch is accompanied by a manual signed by the watchmaker, which serves as an inspection report, owner history and a guarantee of the high quality of craftsmanship.