Georg JensenBernadotte Low Tumbler Glass, 6 pcs10019194

Eye-catching and stylish, this set of six lead-free crystal tumblers brings the Scandinavian design to your table setting. The gentle grooves that echo the details in early Art Deco silverware not only add visual interest but also allow the glasses to be firmly held. Use for an elegant dinner party with friends or simply sharing breakfast with your family.Sigvard Bernadotte was born the son of the Swedish king but became more well known as a gifted product designer. Greatly influenced by the functionalist movement prevalent at the time, his work is characterised by elegance but never at the expense of practicality. His original silver work has inspired the contemporary Bernadotte collection of tableware.The small tumblers come in sets of six and are made of lead-free crystal.Materials: Crystal glass Measurements: H: 70 mm. V: 0.25 L. Ø: 84 mm. Design year: 2021 Dishwashable.

55  sis alv 24%.

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