KultakeskusTattityttö christening spoon521-141-01

Silver, length 137mm.The christening spoon, also known as the silver children's spoon, has been produced for a long time - ever since the late 1930's. Although new gifts have emerged, the christening spoon has remained the favourite gift. The Finnish children's spoon is a safe gift and a lasting memory for the baby.The christening spoon is regarded simply as a gift item, although the original purpose of the spoon was related to the benefits of using silver. According to the tradition, silver items protect their users from disease and illness. The belief has its basis, as the antibacterial properties of silver are known also in the modern times. Silver is a safe material for children. All the spoons are shaped so that it is easy for the child to grab them.

154  sis alv 24%.

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